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We are a mother and daughter team raising awareness for autism and adventures with autism by doing adventure travel predominantly on motorbike, however, as Sofia is growning older, and with the help of physio therapy, we have started to look at expanding her experience into other areas.

Sofia, who was diagnosed with ASD when she was four years old, has benefited from her adventures which started when she was 10 years old with journey in a sidecar from London, UK, to East London on the southern tip of Africa.   The most profound benefit has been on her personal sense of self confidence as she learnt to do so many things, some of which she became inspired to do, others which she learnt as a consiquence of traveling.   It has also given her a strong sense of identity and with that a more confident base from which to communicate.

Sofia in Africa and the Fanta challenge of how many different flavours she could taste as she went through Africa.

It is also clear that Sofia finds that taking long journeys helps with her anxiety and stress levels, and as seen at the end of our trip around Europe (See photo below) photo compared to the beginning of the journey, where she was tense and showing her ‘paw up’ behaviour.

On the left at the beginning of an adventure Sofia looking tense. On the right at the end of the adventure Sofia looking relaxed and happy

Through our travels and by publishing our travels on social media, we raise money for autism awareness, and now working to raise the profile and benefits of adventure with autism within the autism community.  To view blog posts on previous travels, please use the achive in the menu bar, or much easier, you can also see all posts on the left side of this page as you scroll down.

The following 30mins Podcast gives a further insight into our story:


I would very much like to make opportunities like this available to others on the ASD spectrum so if you would like to support this effort then please donate at the following link (click here)   or buy an outragously expensive t-shirt (which is outragously cool!) to donate £8.50 .  If you are interested in taking an adventure as an adult with ASD or a parent for child with ASD, then please contact me through the contact form to discuss the possibilities.


We are proud to support Thinking Autism, the number 1 charity in the UK that provides up to date information, services and events for families and adults affected by autism.  It is wonderful to be supporting them and helping to raise the profile of the wonderful work that they do.

download We are also supporting a small local organisation in Liverpool, Autism Adventures, who is currently supporting 70 families with regular activities for the family and is currently planning an autism village for adults with Autism.  An interesting initiative which we are proud to be supporting in a small way.

Adventure With Autism is a Micro Trust managed and run by Giving Works, an umbrella charity that provides the trustees, accounting and legal services for small charities like our own.    Help us help others!  (click here to donate)

Thank you for you support!

Raising Awareness for Adventures with Autism

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