Becoming a #GreaseMonkey

The month of May has been the most frustrating month so far, mostly because the bike has been indisposed with a set of problems which I couldn’t just solve on my own! Fiercely independent as a person, it has been hard (though it may not feel like it to those on the receiving end of my calls!) to be constantly be asking people for help.  It is impossible to climb that learning curve without it though, so had to get over my own inhibitions and just go for it.  The bike being visible to the world is important to raise money for the trip, so it is a case of – get it fixed!

bike - 12  bike - 11  bike - 8

And fixed it now is!  it took time to identify the problems, the battery was definitely one and was replaced, but as that seemed to have zero effect on the bike being able to respond, so it clearly wasn’t the only problem.  With some very generous help from F2 Motorcycles and Barry Barber from Portsmouth and countless others who patiently received my calls and helped with suggestions and instructions, we got to the point where is was the timer (unit now replaced) and a relay – not picked up before because when I bought a new one I had no idea that is was the wrong type!.

So there we have it, my first foray into the world of greasy hands and frustrating hours with awkward screws and lack of know-how, I can now safely say that I definitely know my bike and how it works much better than I did a few weeks ago.  I feel really lucky that the bike has taken me on this journey, not just for the learning process, but also got to understand the tool set needed and start to get a grasp of what will need to be contingency planned.  There is one area that I’m still a little nervous about, and that is the valves – I suspect that the bike will take me there too before we leave!


Unfortunately this month we have not managed to set the launch day, and this may end up being unidentified until September/October time.  Sofia’s application process for schools will be a defining factor and we won’t have a clear way forward until next term.

We are out there looking for a single sponsor to help with the funding of the trip – if you are interested or know someone who is interested please use the contact form on the Sponsors page of this site or message me through our FaceBook Page

Please click here to donate


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2 thoughts on “Becoming a #GreaseMonkey”

  1. Hi! I like your positive attitude. Never give up! I pray all will be in place in your preparation. Take care and God bless.



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