The Battle to Leave #Nordkapp! – Part 2

Finally we are reaching a conclusion to this appalling story of recovery and Insurance companies Carol Nash and AXA Assistance.  The following is an email I sent this morning to the ‘senior manager’ handling my claim.  Let us hope that from this point on the case closes smoothly and we can get on with our lives in peace!

Hi Katie
Yesterday the van was hired, the bike was taken to the mechanic.  Fuel supply was diagnosed in first instance and long story short the fuel tank was emptied and some litres of 98 octane were added – there seems to be improvement in bike performance.  In my initial call I said that we may have a bad tank of fuel – the mind boggles that it took 5 days and at huge unnecessary cost to finally deal with it.  An oil leak was also discovered but not deemed serious or any risk to onward journey.  As much as can be done to get us on the road again has been done.
As per the reply to Sebastian, which I didn’t ‘reply all’ on as I was in a rush yesterday, there was no road closure and I now know that the Norway agent would not have charged you for it.  This is a serious breach of trust on your part to suggest that you had been charged and there there was only £1000 left in the recovery budget as a result.  I would like to request that this case is now passed on to another senior manager to handle.
I have attached the reciepts for yesterday including the night stay – expenses as agreed earlier and as well as the 440Euros, as agreed, to be processed in the next couple of days and in my account.  As I said on the phone, this is a matter of some urgency now as the unnecessary costs incurred these last several days have now put my monthly rent payment in jeopardy.
I have also attached 3 further accommodation receipts for the unnecessary expenses incurred as a result of the insurance company failing to find a mechanic, and organise appropriate recovery.  Indeed we should have been back on the road by Tuesday morning at the very latest.   If you feel a need to blame the Norwegian agent, that is not my responsibility it is yours.  If you are disatisfied with their service it is for you to pass the charge to them for the accommodation, not me.  I should not be having to say this, however, I would like to cut as much of the unnecessary conversation as possible and get the point.
I will also be claiming for mobile phone usage as all calls to a local number on a UK SIM are international calls and it was many phone calls to find a mechanic.   It is now the weekend, so I will start to discover this cost on Monday.
All hired vehicles have now been returned as of last night.  We will recommense our journey  to Gibraltar today.  Lets hope there are no further problems – with the bike and this claim.
Note:  This is an open email and published on the internet for the benefit of our followers and sponsors.

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Thank you to those who have helped with the cost of fixing the bike xx

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One thought on “The Battle to Leave #Nordkapp! – Part 2”

  1. Good luck on a satisfactory outcome with CN…from personal experience, you will need it! I’m still smarting, about how I was treated in a 100% no fault claim (where the 3rd party admitted full liability!). It seems the only way to get back at them, is to make public their totally shabby behaviour…and hope that others don’t take out cover with them?

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