By Motorbike and Side Car #AfricawithAutism

Thinking in the Clouds

Just a short post about transport.   I have decided that motorbike with side car is going to the most likely method of getting about in Africa.  Principally because with a motorbike you are more a part of the surroundings that you are travelling through.   It is also a cheaper method of transport, and, to be honest, I have been looking for any excuse to actually learn to ride a motorbike.

When I first thought about the idea of a trip across Africa with Sofia, some one suggested that I look up other women who have traveled solo through Africa on a motorbike.  I had never even thought of it, and probably would never have thought of it, simply because Africa can be dangerous, so more cover rather than exposure is sometimes the best way to go, especially if you are a woman.

Just knowing that women were travelling…

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