Route – East London(UK) to East London(SA)

This is the general route we are planning to take from East London (UK) to East London (SA).  Leaving in December 2015, I am estimating that it will take us 9 months to complete the journey as travelling with autism may be slow and we will not know how slow until we are on the road.  The main priority though is going to be to get Sofia to the other end with a smile on her face, so ultimately it will take as long as it takes.


20 thoughts on “Route – East London(UK) to East London(SA)”

    1. Too much activity/politics in western route – risk too high. Hoping it doesn’t spread further east than Libya… you have a safe ride too 🙂 you never know – we may bump into each other 🙂


  1. What time you would passed by Kenya otherwise I can buy your guys coffee and then join in you team to have a picture.


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